What is Go10X?

Go10X is my personal experiment, to become a 10X better version of myself. This is what the 10X version of me looks like:

  1. A large, engaged audience for intellectual sparring (my guess is 1000+ awesome people will do)

  2. A product used by over 1 million people in the world, for making their life better (Here are some of the things I am working on now. Ideas not listed.)

I am documenting everything that I am doing. This will allow me to look back and connect the dots. It will allow anyone else reading this to connect the dots too.

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Should I Subscribe? (Hint: Maybe, but maybe not)

I will be writing about everything that has an impact on a weekly basis. If you resonate with the idea of becoming 10X, these may be useful to you.

Alternatively, you may be at a different stage of life, looking for something else.

If you want to observe my experiments, engage, criticize, and are on a similar mission in your life, I request you to subscribe.

We may be able to make our lives a little better by peeking into what works for someone and what does not, and chart out a custom path for ourselves.

What are you doing to become 10X?

The 10X output is a function of Risk, Application of Specific Knowledge with Leverage. In all three areas, I am conducting a bunch of experiments to get better.

My Experiments with Risk

It is easy to feel like a failure after sharing personal goals.

My experiments with Risk Mitigation:

  1. Meditation, and Alter Ego visualization. You will discover any methods that I do, and find resources to get better at them.

  2. More to come.

My Experiments with Specific Knowledge

I am a product guy and entrepreneur. I am trying to get better at writing high output code.

My Experiments with Product / Tech:

  1. Creating a repeatable method to validate ideas (channel + viral loop). You will see which ideas work and how. Example - The Twitter Experiment #1

  2. Creating a tech stack to launch ideas in hours. You will see the gotchas of the tech stacks I use, complications of integrating services, etc.

My Experiments with Leverage:

The products I am making, this newsletter, my twitter profile, are all forms of leverage, which can amplify my output. I am trying to fit a curve between scale (eg size of audience) and output (eg getting 100 signups in 5 days).

My Experiments with Leverage:

  1. The outcomes on signups with changing audience sizes, landing pages, copy in tweets, etc.

  2. The outcomes on retention with changing features, shifting core proposition, and more.

  3. More to come.

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